Katia Ravé

My name is Katia Ravé
                                         and my passion is your business.


Photo Credit: Yesenia Bocanegra

Katia Ravé is a Business Strategy Coach who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to enroll more clients, make more money having a business they love, that way they have prosperity, freedom and the life of their dreams.

Photo Credit: Yesenia Bocanegra

The major part of business prosperity starts with inspiration towards your vision, your dreams. You must envision your why to the vision and then work backwards from that dream. I can attest this from my own experience. 

One of my own coaches said : “If you want the world to change, start by changing your world!” Trust me, there is no changes until you decide to change. There is nothing that gives me more job satisfaction than to see you, driven entrepreneurs, small business owners, strive from goal to goal with my guidance.

I will teach you to more sales, more clients through the power of your own voice. I will help you supercharge your speaking, and drive leads from it. I will enable you to create and utilize your signature talk.

I will show the power of exchanging value with your clients through understanding sales. If you are driven to make these changes and want your vision to become a reality this is the right time.

Are you ready?

Katia Rave

One of the shortcomings I've battled against in my career is my sometimes paralyzing self-doubt, especially when making changes to the business I've grown for 15 years. Katia is the coach I needed who, for a year, helped me transform my thinking and focus on creating the business and life of my dreams.
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ISSA Distinguished Fellow, Hall of Fame

Bring the biggest business challenge you are facing right now, talk it through with Katia and she will share her insider tips and tricks to see you soaring over every obstacle.