Katia Ravé

My name is Katia Ravé
                                         & my passion is your business.

There is nothing that gives me more job satisfaction than to see you, my clients, strive from goal to goal with my guidance. I began my journey as a life and career coach when I learned the power of my own voice to give back and enable others to utilize theirs.

Life is not always smooth sailing and I have certainly had my rocky seas, it was only through trial and error, successes and failures that I was able to figure out my true passion and calling in life. I have been an Argentine tango dancer, performer and teacher as well as a successful photojournalist and a hard worker in the fashion industry to name but a few of my callings – but it was when I entered the world of business and strategy coaching that I knew I had found not only my forever job but my passion.

As a French native who made America my home I have a deep understanding of different cultures and the wonderful yet sometimes challenging things that make us unique and different. I have raised three beautiful children and my personal goal is to be a role model that they look up to each and every day. I want to give you the same power back in your life.

Through my trust in God and my knowledge of self worth I figured out my dreams. I found my voice and I use it to inspire, convey stories, to see others thrive and breakdown the barriers that stand in all of our ways. I dive towards life and work with equal measures of compassion, honesty and sincerity. There is nothing I love more than to see you fall in love with who you are and regain the confidence to not only stand on your own two feet but to run forward from strenght to strenght after every new discovery.

It was never too late for me to rewrite my story, my destiny. I took up that pen numerous times, no matter how challenging it seemed and it was only through doing so that I could find my own path. A healthy and empowering work and life balance with passionate relationships and a business that I love to get up to every day has been what I have achieved and those are the business skills that I will pass onto you.

But, enough about me and my passions and goals. It’s time for you to tell me yours. Together we will make your business a reality and your goals a certainty. Let me light the fire and ignite the rave in your business.

One of the shortcomings I've battled against in my career is my sometimes paralyzing self-doubt, especially when making changes to the business I've grown for 15 years. Katia is the coach I needed who, for a year, helped me transform my thinking and focus on creating the business and life of my dreams.
Steve Hunt

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ISSA Distinguished Fellow, Hall of Fame
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