Are you coachable?

One of my client hit her biggest month last month…over 10000$ in gross revenue. We have been working together since April 15…her success is truly measure by how coachable she is! How she is doing the work and truly listening and applying step by step what I am teaching. The homework recap that I ask is always is my inbox the 48 hours previous to our session. Each challenge I send she does, she is always on time, she truly is a joy to coach! And wow I am so proud of her! 

            Of course, I wanted to share my excitement for one of my client’s accomplishments. This is truly what I love about my work, I help entrepreneurs to grow, to make money, and there is no better rewards than this for me. 

Last month, she hit her biggest goal of over $10,000 in gross revenue! We have been working together for 5 months.  Her success is truly measured by how coachable she is.  I can’t contain how happy I am for her.  This is what makes my job as a Business Coach so rewarding.  I love how coachable my clients can be. 

Every entrepreneur wants to maximize their revenue generation and of course develop new ways to impact their specific ideal client or targeted market.  In order to reach that goal, you have to be open to learning, a lot of feedback, reflection and accountability. Coaching is a tool that many entrepreneurs and business owners can use to great effect.  Although, I’ll be honest – it’s not for everyone.  Many can’t handle it. 

You have to keep in mind that change is fundamental in business coaching. If there is no change being taken during and/or after the process then all the coaching sessions would have been completely pointless.  You need to embrace and be open to change with a positive attitude.  As a Business Coach, I push your thinking and stretch your comfort zone. I do this because I want you to learn and improve your knowledge to reach your business goal(s). 

             My client was committed and did all the work.  She truly listened and applied every step by step of instructions that I taught her.  When I assigned her the homework to recap on, I could always look forward to opening my e-mail and having it in my inbox within 48 hours to our previous session. She never missed a single assignment that was due.  She even completed each and every challenge that I sent her on.   As her Business Coach, I am so happy to see her succeed because I know she has the drive to make her business thrive. She truly is a joy to coach and I am so proud of her!

As a small business owner, do you think you have what it takes to be coachable? Some questions for you to think about are: 

·     Are you willing to be accountable to another person?

·     Are you a self-starter and willing to take necessary action to achieve your business goal(s)?

·     Are you willing to take responsibility for yourself and your actions?

·     Are you willing to accept your fears and challenges?

·     Are you open to new ideas and feedback? 

·     Are you open to receiving constructive criticism? 

When it comes to my clients, I am all about action and achievement.  I do my part by making sure you are exercising effective actions, habits and help you make the necessary changes. But, you are the one who has to be dedicated enough and put in the work in order to reach the results for your business.  If you know it’s time to invest in a Business Coach, make sure you have the right mindset and are ready to roll up your sleeves and be coachable. Combining hard work, discipline and a coach (me:-)!) who has been where you have been will allow you to get the results you desire while receiving the highest return in your investment. Would you like to know how I can help you achieve your business goals? 

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