As a leader are you coachable?

A point of view from La Tour Eiffel:

When you are somewhere to coach, to teach and you are still amazed at how much you are learning! 

Being a part of Communities of Excellence is beyond amazing. I am so grateful to be a part of it. 

As the Life and Career strategist on Faculty, I started a discussion on their platform last week. My topic was Time Management in the office. I was talking on how practical the Eisenhower method is and how helpful it can be in the corporate world. I posted a photo of how I use this method…( a drawing of my quadrant on my notepad)

One person really liked it, and wanted to have the practicality of having it on a tablet to go from one meeting to another…As a coach I decided to look it up for him to make his life easier ….

I discovered an app for it. I decided to try it, before I recommend it…

I Love it. Not only I love it, because it has made my week last week easier, but it also showed me again that constant learning is a part of how we improve ourselves.

If you are in the cybersecurity business, I highly recommend you join this amazing team of leaders! Not only you will learn from everybody, but you will mentor others. You will gain knowledge from the top Leaders in the industries. 

I want you to imaging a Monday morning, going to a board meeting, relaxed, because you were able to enjoy your weekend. You are not stressed because you have already run your presentation in front of the Top Cybersecurity Leaders in the world. You got feedback on how to improve, and now you are ready to show in front of the board that you are capable to have that promotion you have been wanting for a while… This is like having the top team going with you at the meeting. What an amazing concept!

I am a part of Faculty of Communities of Excellence…I am there to coach, to teach, to mentor, yet I have already learned and improved myself. I thrive on that. Every day I wake up, I get to be so excited, so passionate about my work. I love to serve, to help people to grow, people to improve in their life, career, relationship…but the best part that seems to still amaze me is that how much I learn everyday….if I let myself. 

What about you….? Are you coachable? Do you take advice from others? 

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