Hard morning so far?

Good morning on this beautiful rainy Monday Morning in North Carolina. Yes, I do spend some time in the United States! How is your Monday morning so far? Feeling like you will not reach the top? Are you drained already? Are you exhausted? Are you overwhelmed? Have you already snap at your team? DO YOU HAVE A PLAN? Starting your week without a plan, without…

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The Rhythmic Coaching For Married Couple: Accelerated Coaching While Learning Argentine Tango

Four Reasons To Attend Our Rhythmic Coaching Retreat Even the best marriages can benefit from attending married couple retreats.  It’s a time to break away from the mundane, day-to-day activities and regain a sense of closeness. In fact, combining Argentine Tangowith couple’s coaching and a professional photography session is one of the most innovative ways to experience a renewed sense of unity.  Here’s why it…

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When Obstacles Can Shift into Gratitude

Do you ever have an obstacle or an unexpected situation happen to you? Does life ever seem to unfold in a negative light when it could have not come at a more inconvenient time? How do you handle it? And more importantly, do you have the tools to deal with them? I want to share with you a personal experience that unfolded for me just…

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