Blue jeans, beaches and branding

Petit point de vue de La Tour Eiffel with my simple English: 

I decided to work from the beach the last part of this week, I had an intense first part of the week filled with speaking engagements, workshops and one-on-one clients. 

As I left the house on Thursday morning to drive to the beach I decided to attend an networking event that I had planned to skip. I showed up at this business event ready for the beach: jeans, converse, très decontractée. Not at all the business woman that I am usually.

I am so happy I went…what a pleasure it was to hear Benjamin Wechsler innovative perspective on “branding”. I remind entrepreneurs and small business owners about authenticity and setting themselves apart! Benjamin in his presentation did just that!

He included so many different factors: music, language and words, visual, story telling…and much more. 

I felt so rich right after the presentation, so I went to tell him so. Most people would not have gone because of the way I was dressed. But I am not American. I did not care much. I was even more surprised when Benjamin took the time to talk with me. 

Can you make a difference? You portrait who you are at all times, this is the perfect example. Benjamin could have looked at the way I was dressed and totally dismissed me….He set himself as a person and his business apart! Why? Authenticity.

Katia Ravé

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