Today is your day to succeed.

Today is the day for you to evaluate your career path, your business and what is next. Through my personalized coaching programs I will propel your business to the next level. It’s time to unlock more leads, generate larger income, accomplish your dream business goals. Add cash flow and clients to your bottom line and generate the steady income you deserve.

Katia Rave is a Business Strategy Coach, ready to guide your business to the level you deserve. Do you feel that the money you generate from your business does not reflect the amount of work you put into your company? Do you feel like you are not heard by both your clients and your peers? Are you worried about your company’s direction and cash flow? You are an entrepreneur, we have all been there – but you do not have to stay where you currently are.

With Katia’s assistance see your company gain strength, gain respect, earn the cash flow you deserve and watch your calendar fill up with the clients you visualised. Be a sought after entrepreneur, be the business owner you once looked up to.

Go from industry beginner to industry leader.  

Coaching for


Katia’s individual coaching is built to be uniquely structured to incorporate your core values and goals. Working one on one to envision, reflect and move along your path.

Online Programs

Not all coaching programs need to be face to face to be successful. My online program gives you all the benefits of in person consultations but with all the benefits of having the space and privacy to reflect and progress at your own pace.


Invest in your team and in your work environment. Find out what works best to enhance your team, enhance your productivity and enhance the groups vision and goals, together.


My retreats are specially designed to help you as a couple to share, communicate, reignite your fires and build towards making your relationship even more fulfilling than it already is.

Invest in your goals,
invest in your career,
invest in your dreams,
invest in YOU.

No matter if you’re the top of your field or an aspiring business owner, 
I can help you achieve your goals. Establish your core values. Stay true to yourself.

I had an opportunity to learn from Katia at an event for women in business. I was captivated by her story, passion, and presence. Katia shares much wisdom and nuggets about the importance of living your values in your personal, business and professional life. Katia is a captivating speaker, teacher, and coach. She personally gave me a valuable tip in my business. I especially appreciated her transparency about her journey in living her values, that helped her become a successful businesswoman.
Cherri Waltson, Leadership Strategist & Inspirational Speaker
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