Employee to Entrepreneur the Struggle is Real! By Guest Writer Sheri Godfrey

As I stood in the Retail Store I managed I looked around at the 4 walls, the floor and the ceiling. I was frustrated with the Corporate need for more. The more I gave – the more they wanted. I was standing there the Top Bonus earner in Canada and ranked in the Top 10 in North America in the Company. My team and I were on the verge of becoming the next Million Dollar Store and then it hit me – then what? No matter how much I gave I would always be bound by the floor below me and the ceiling above me and the profits would always line the pockets of someone else. No matter how ‘good’ we were we were never ‘good enough’.

It was at this moment I desired to have more and be more for the betterment of me and my family. It took a short time to gather the courage to make the plunge and try something different. I explored different opportunities finding what I thought would be ‘the one’ and then gave my notice – I was taking the plunge going from Employee to Entrepreneur!

I said good-bye to the guaranteed bi-weekly pay-cheques that our household was accustomed to and the benefit package that went with that. I bid farewell to punching someone else’s time-clock. I strove to re-stablish myself as something other then an ‘employee’ for xyz company.

The Struggles became very real very quickly. The 1st obstacle was it was me and just me! In the retail environment I lead a team and the team and I trudged daily life together-this circle was now gone. I had to find a new circle that had the same mindset as me. The 2ndstruggle was managing my day – I had a daily habit of knowing exactly what my day looked like – head office outlined that for me. Now I had to wake up each day and find my own sense of direction. The 3rdobstacle to overcome was no bi-weekly pay-cheque – what a scary place to be. This scary place was also very exhilarating as now I can control my own future without the limits of a floor below and ceiling above – the Sky is the Limit.

My path of Entrepreneurship started in the world of Finance as I became a Licensed Financial Advisor. Although this was not ‘the one’ for me I did learn a lot and it has become 1 more tool in my tool box. Education is the key to my journey – each new piece of knowledge and certification adds another tool to my tool box which better allows me to help and guide others on their journey.  My ultimate path is that of service. I found my purpose and joy guiding others as a Transitional Life Coach.

My biggest success has been surrounding myself with like – minded women of the same age (yes, I am what they call middle age) with similar life circumstances, struggles, dreams and aspirations. Our souls run deep and our passions are true and yes, we know that you can go from Employee to Entrepreneur.

I loved meeting Sheri in Las Vegas at a retreat. This retreat was an opportunity for speakers to come together to develop their presence, speaking material, booking strategy and industry relationships . Sheri Godfrey is a Transitional Life Coach/ Co-parenting Strategist

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