Engagement and Business has never sounded so sexy together!


He asked me to marry him in the most romantic way. He gave me a beautiful ring in which he respected my wishes:  I am not a fan of natural diamonds as there is a huge parallel with human trafficking and diamonds still.  I got a pearl ring! Why is that so important?

He knows I don’t care about what people think.  In America, the diamond is so important to show a “status”.  Personally, I don’t care about status.  He honored me by making a choice that is aligned with my values.  Over the past 2 years, this man has earned so much of my respect.  

I’m a girl who raised by the ocean, in Brittany France, a land of sea creatures and most specifically Oysters. Which meant that I loved pearls. 

So, this man has listened to me and therefore has shown respect for me and my wishes. Do you listen to your clients? What they want, what they need?

I of course, said yes, before he was done proposing!  It was a total surprise for that to happen that day, as he was leaving for a business trip right after.  

What an amazing journey this has been especially with my business, so, how is this related to business you might ask? 

Well, my amazing coach Alexia Vernon, has so much to do with my success as an entrepreneur and in my life (which is exactly what a coach does!). Having a coach teaches you about how success in business and success in your life has everything to do with having a coach, someone that pushes you to think outside the box, to be everything you can be, and someone that will make you stand up for what is right and what is wrong. 

While learning all of the above, I’ve learned to show people what my true core values are because it’s been things, I have worked on myself. It’s what makes me, well, me.  I’ve taught others around me how to love, respect, and value me, which is exactly what I received from my now, fiancé.  It is simply an amazing feeling when your business and personal life all align. Engagement and Business has never sounded so sexy together!

As an entrepreneur, do you listen to what your clients want? What is your vision that you have for a business? How do you see yourself succeeding in life? Do you have a business but, you want to know more about how to boost your bottom line and make more profit?  Or are you needing to get more clients? Then, let me help you to plan out the next steps to make your business a success!  I am providing a link in which the FIRST 5 people that schedule with me will receive a “COMPLIMENTARY Business Strategy Session” with me.  Don’t wait! Let’s start making your dreams true! 


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