Excerpt Of: Success Is A Dance: How The Rules of Tango Will Make Your Business Work. ©

CHAPTER 1- A short excerp!

Stepping into the Unknown ©
She finally makes it to the milonga. She just arrived last night. She’s tired, but she does not want to miss the opportunity to dance in yet another country. The melody Poema by Francisco Canaro is playing. She hears the music, closes her eyes, and feels like she can breathe, reassured that the music will be okay. She doesn’t know anyone here in Athens; she is here to attend a conference. She will be one of the speakers. She is exhausted, but she knows she needs this. It’s a small, weekly milonga, but that doesn’t matter. All she needs is a couple of “Tandas” (dances). She has her Comme Il Faut stilettos shoe bags hanging on her shoulder. She does not speak Greek, but she knows that tonight she will be able to speak the international language of Argentine tango, and everybody in the room will understand her. She knows that even in a room filled with strangers, people she will probably never meet again, there is clarity in her knowledge so she will be more than fine. She waits patiently to put her shoes on, to screen the room, to see who she wants to dance with. Was it going to be worth her time? She shakes off the question because it is always worth it, even if the reward is not instantaneous….©

How does dancing relate to business, you might ask?

Stay tune for another teaser…

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