Finding Bravery in the Middle of the Tightrope by Guest Writer Tracy Lewis

Leaving the known, whatever it is, whether it’s a job, a place, or a relationship that is no longer

serving you; leaving the known, to take a chance on the unknown, is about as vulnerable as it

gets. It’s like being stuck in the middle of a tightrope, 400 feet in the air, in the middle of a wind

storm.  You can’t turn back because that door closed the moment you stepped out onto the

rope, but you’re not close enough yet, to hold on to what awaits you on the other side. You get

up on your tiptoes to get a better look, but you start to lose your balance. You look down and

become paralyzed from moving forward when you realize the sheer magnitude of the situation

(of how high you are, and of how far you must go before you get back to safety). As you

continue to inch forward to sneak a peek at the other side, or reach out to get a feel for what’s

next, you start feeling rather unsteady on your feet. There is literally NOTHING to hold on to.

You can’t turn back, yet you are terrified of moving forward.

I’ve found, in MY life, that the middle of the tightrope is where all the magic

happens. In those moments, I’ve learned to briefly look back, and reflect on the lessons,

and the missteps, but I don’t stay stuck there. I forgive myself, and I choose to move forward. In

the middle of the tightrope, I’m reminded of my strength. I’m reminded that I have been here

before and I can navigate anything that comes my way. In the middle of the tightrope, I find

my cape. The one that helps me soar when I take the next leap, and the one that

ensures that when I fail (because I will), I will fail forward, pick myself up, dust myself off, and

risk the adventure all over again.

When was the last time YOU took a chance and stepped out onto the tightrope of life? Are you

on a path that is no longer serving or fulfilling you? Will you pay attention to that heart tug, to

what could be your greater purpose? Or will you ignore it all together, to play it safe in the

comfort of what is known? And what might happen if you choose courage over fear, and take

that first small step out onto the tightrope? What if you knew that literally, all it takes is to put

one foot in front of the other? To take the next right step and then the next right step. What if

you had someone to support you in those tightrope moments, when you feel unsteady and the

wind is blistering your face? What if together we find your greater purpose? Will you take that

first step? Will you meet me out here?

I was very fortunate to work closely with Tracy Lewis for three days. She delivered one evening a speech that amazed me. Her kindness with people and her ways to make people trust her is priceless.  She is a powerful woman and a wonderful example of bravery. She inspired me!  I am very happy to feature her on our website. Katia Ravé

As a career and life transition coach, Tracy empowers clients to bravely navigate change and the 

unknown. She is a recovering perfectionist who shamelessly shares her story of reclaiming her self-

worth.  This fall, Tracy is co-hosting two women’s retreats – one in the majestic

mountains of Vermont, and one in California’s beautiful wine country. More information below 

(mention this article and receive an additional discount on either/both weekends):

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