Hard morning so far?

Good morning on this beautiful rainy Monday Morning in North Carolina. Yes, I do spend some time in the United States!

How is your Monday morning so far? Feeling like you will not reach the top? Are you drained already? Are you exhausted? Are you overwhelmed? Have you already snap at your team?

DO YOU HAVE A PLAN? Starting your week without a plan, without your Goals being clear and written down, is setting yourself up for failure. 

Do you think great leaders have more time than you? No. Do you think great leaders don’t spend time with their family? Think again! Do you think great leaders have mentors, people that keeps them accountable for their goals? You bet they do! 

I challenge you to start with coming up with SMART Goals: 

Specific: Be as specific as you can in writing your goals. 

Measurable: How will you know your goal has been reached? Making your goals measurable makes it easier to track your progress. 

Achievable: To be able to built your confidence, your goals need to be achievable. Look at your schedule and what is possible. 

Realistic: We need to think big and yet we need to stay with reality, capabilities, and abilities. 

Time framed: Have a very strict time frame. It will give you the mind and the structure to achieve your goals. 

Why do most people still do every year a goal list ( usually the same than the previous year) for the New Year? Because they do not do SMART Goals. 

Do this process for your goals at work this week, and you will see you will be less drained less exhausted less overwhelmed and you will have more tolerance with your team! Gove it a try and let me know how it went!

Have a beautiful rest of your Monday!


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