How “hard” are you working on your business?

Are you spending more time on social media, than working on your business ? As entrepreneurs, or coaches we can easily work “a lot” without reaching clients. We work on everything, BUT reaching clients. When is the last time you tracked your daily business goals?

Most of my clients are having these 5 main issues:

1-They do not know their Core values. ( You can get my Free digital guide here if you don’t know yours)

2-They don’t know their clear mission and vision statement, and their “why” therefore they don’t have any clients.

3-They spend too much time creating more things, programs, more perfect package for their “inexistent” clients and not enough time reaching clients

4-They don’t know how to achieve their goals.

5-They are spending so much money on more program that are funnels, and more marketing and more programs…when they have not figure out their own basics.

Here is Part 1 worksheet sample to help you out:

Part 1

Clarity on where you want your business to be in 10 years, is an important place to review.

What do you want for your business, but don’t have yet…is another way to get to your goals?

Now, today let’s take it further…

Here is part 2 of Visioning and Planning…

Part 2

Do you see a gap between your vision and the execution ?

As small business owners, consultants many of us have gorgeous amazing vision. And most of us are super talented.

How to go from our amazing vision to execution? What are the steps you take to get to your goals? How often do you review your goals?

If you don’t know, or are confused schedule a one free session aligning your vision and goals at this link.

I look forward to help you in your business!

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