Business Growth Explosion

Are you working in your entrepreneurial dream yet not reaching your full potential?
Are the hours of work you put into your job not showing on your bank account at the end of the month?
Are you reaching more clients yet still not seeing an increase in your turnover?

Don’t worry. We have all been there. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner has its risks, it has its worries and it has it set backs like any thing that is worth doing in life. Sometimes it just takes a little change to turn your life around, unlocking more leads, increase your cash flow and get the job satisfaction you deserve.

My name is Katia Rave, I am a business strategy coach and I have been where you are. It’s time to be heard, it’s time to reach your full potential, it’s time to up your cash flow and follow the leads that matter. ​

My clients are driven entrepreneurs, always looking to grow their business.

They are driven towards success, but are stuck in the initial phases of their start up or are hitting a wall at how to progress within their current business.

They need to make changes, make decisions about the company but don't know how.

All businesses are astoundingly different, yet they all have one beautiful thing in common - success and goals.

As a Boutique Coaching Company we tailor our skills to enhance your business. Always bringing it to the next level.

During these sessions we go on a journey to develop your confidence. Give you the acumen to achieve personally and professionally. We will navigate through any set-backs and challenges, learn how to deal with resistance and progress accordingly. I will push you and challenge you, when I know you need it most. From breakthrough to breakthrough I ensure continued progress along your path to success. It won’t always be easy, it is designed for you to think differently, develop internally and display externally. All of my programs are tailored to each individual client. We dive deep and come up fierce and strong. Want to find out how Katia can help you achieve your business goals?

Bring the biggest business challenge you are facing right now, talk it through with Katia and she will share her insider tips and tricks to see you soaring over every obstacle.

Together we will get your creative juices flowing, we will reignite the passion you had the day you decided to become an entrepreneur. Will we take you from feeling unheard, defeated and tired to being rejuvenated, confident and respected.

You will no longer be the struggling entrepreneur, you will be an industry leader that young and aspiring small business owners emulate and dream of being. Visualize the feeling of waking up the morning with a full calendar, a waiting list of clients and your dreams coming true. This is not unreachable, this is your future. This is your business. This is your passion.

You are my passion and I am ready to take your business to the next level. The level it deserves to be at.

Boost your income.

Unlock more leads.

Become an industry leader.