It takes guts to be extraordinary!

It takes guts to be extraordinary- Suzanne Evans

“Having a business takes Commitment, guts and most importantly be aware of those wanting to take you down.

People will want to take you down, people will not like you. They are the ones to scared to try, to scared to change so drastically.

Did you know that people that are truly successful are willing to do things that others aren’t?” Suzanne Evans

Just because I am a coach does not mean that things don’t happen to me.

In fact 3 things happened this week. 

-I was asked to be a guest on huge Podcast ( in 2 weeks). I can’t wait! I wanted to celebrate to shout it out on the roof, and I did not.

-My girls ask me these following questions because they were told by a family member that their mom steal money from people as a coach, and that a coach is a not a real job.

What happened next is the very important part..

I had many options…I was frustrated and I decided to hush ….yet again like I have done so many time.

Let’s not make waves. Let’s not offend anybody. Let’s make excuses again …

And that my friend was the turning point. WHY? WHY do I always hush?

I want to walk the walk all the way this time. 

I was challenged by one of the coach in my mastermind group to stand up. 

I share so much on my work on Facebook business page, Linkedin and all. I told myself it is the place to do that. I don’t share too much personal things even here on the blog…

Truth is I have been scared to post beside little glimpses of what I do, because I don’t want to offend anybody….


How often do we withdraw , or not share what we truly are about because of others? 

I preach this to my clients all the time!

Can you believe that I was tagged month ago on a Facebook live during my speech, and after my speech, I rushed to the bathroom, my hear beating and hoping none of my friends had seen the talk. I quickly untagged myself because I was scared ( still ) of the reaction of my “ Facebook Friends”

I am not scared anymore , I am standing up, and I look forward to be tagged in my live talks, where I talk about my mistakes in life, where I talk about my victories. 

My blog, my life, my social media, my work will be exactly what I teach people, that life and work intertwine.

So today I stand with all my authenticity and I am in total harmony with that.

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