Success is a Dance

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Success is a Dance




Do you want to start and grow a successful business?

Are you sure?

Entrepreneurship is hard – very hard – so it would help if you wanted it bad – really bad. In addition to this overwhelming desire, becoming a successful entrepreneur takes work, money, actions, risks, time, determination, connections, groundedness, fundamentals, and strategy.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear – and surely not what you wanted to read on the first page of the book. But look at the bright side: now you can decide if this book is for you!

Do you have what it takes to grow, or are you already stuck, wondering what steps to take?

Life is always about choices. Right now, you have two. They are:

  1. Put this book back on the back burner because you want instant gratification without having to work, or
  2. Order this book because I piqued your curiosity, or because you know you can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect a different result.

(I’m hoping it’s #2 because that realization is the beginning of all growth and progress.)

But in the interest of full disclosure, let me warn you – this book will have information that demands applications, and homework will be a big part of our journey together. That brings us back to choices. You can have a theory or action. You can think or you can do. Guess which one the most successful people in the world favor? Yes, there’s a period of education, but tremendous success requires tremendous action.

The mistake keeping most entrepreneurs on the income rollercoaster is that they start or grow their business with no map. They want to get to a destination full of money, leads, and clients, but don’t know the path to take.

Entrepreneurship, like tango, takes determination. This book will show you how having fundamentals in place and connecting with your clients is central to building and growing a 6-figure business without wasted steps.

This is not a fast-track-to-6-figures book. People who teach how easy it is having your own business, how you can get there in no time, with little work and less perseverance, are lying. Running a business is hard.

In this book, Katia Ravé distills the lessons she learned over a lifetime in entrepreneurship and as an Argentine tango dancer. She relates tango to business in a lively, original way to grant new insight into age-old problems of turning leads into happy customers.

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