Being part of a lifelong couple is a wonderful thing. It is a milestone in life to find ‘the one’, to love so wholly that you want to spend the rest of your life with one person.

Although it is a time to be treasured, to be celebrated, marriage and engagement is something that takes commitment and dedication from both partners.

My retreats are specially designed to help you as a couple (either newly engaged or already married) to share, communicate, reignite your fires and build towards making your relationship even more fulfilling than it already is.

We will laugh, we will dance, we will cry, we will share. You will leave feeling more connected and in love with your partner than ever before. Better yet, you even get a fun photo shoot to commemorate and celebrate you and the love you share.

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Accelerated ​ Couple Coaching For The Engaged Couple​

My engaged couple retreat is the full package, fun, fulfilling, educational and intimate. You will leave feeling more connected and focused than ever before and will be ready to jump into married life together, leaving with the tools to overcome all of life's battles.

Retreat ​ For The Married Couple

My weekend retreat is specialised to optimise your relationship. I have worked with hundreds of couples and helped them to feel a more solid connection and have the tools to communicate open and honestly. This two day retreat is like no other and is possible from any corner of the world.

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