"Katia is an incredible speaker and facilitator. I had the pleasure of taking one of her Core Values workshops and had some pivotal realizations due to her prompts. They have changed how I conduct my business and personal affairs ongoing. Katia is passionate, eloquent, and knowledgable. She is an asset to any company or event!"

Veronica Kirin, Speaker, coach and author

Interested in booking Katia for a speech? She is passionate about sharing her core values, bringing empowerment, igniting a call to action and seeing the relief and joy in her audience’s eyes as she talks directly to them.

Katia found her voice and passion after graduating from a Bachelor in Fine Arts, receiving top marks at the age of 40. Her voice was destined to empower and motivate, both men and women. She believes that a happy life does not consist of one thing alone – it is about having the balance between work and personal, between love and passion. Through sharing the “Pillars to Success in Business” and her core values she will have your audience laughing and crying, but most importantly they will feel enlightened and inspired.

I had the pleasure of meeting Katia and sharing the stage with her at the Empower Your Empire Event hosted by Octavia Harris with CravLife Consulting. Katia was amazing! She spoke with such passion about her topic that as a co-speaker even I wanted to work with her! Thank you Katia for sharing your passion at the event! Your passion was contagious!
Melody Morris

When she felt her inner voice bubbling through with its passion to share with others she wanted to learn from the best of the best so that she knew she could express herself to optimum levels to the audiences that were ahead of her. She hired the top public speaking coach, Alexia Vernon (Branded a “Moxie Maven” by President Obama’s White House Office of Public Engagement for her unique and effective approach to female empowerment), and from there she set off on her journey to share, teach and inspire to new audiences across the country.

Now an expert in the field herself, she has motivated audiences across all spectrums of employment to large group corporate events sharing her passion and infectious optimism.

Her approachable and relatable technique will leave all areas of the audience with a strategy for success both personally and professionally. Main topics include: leadership, empowerment, achieving life goals, small business success and entrepreneurship.

Added bonus, everything sounds better with a French accent!

Signature Keynote

“Supercharging your Speaking skills, Selling with Integrity and Ethics is crucial to your success.


Katia’s signature speech will have you entertained and heartbroken all in one. She uses a call-to-action strategy for both strong male business owners and driven female entrepreneurs. She leads you to understand and value the importance of personal business through speaking, sales, integrity and ethics. She exhibits how these skills and values reflects huge success in both new businesses and also for those who have been stuck in a rut. She shares actionable, achievable advice for everyone. She shares how to step up to be seen as an expert in your industry and to be the leader that everyone wants to watch. 

It’s time to expand your network. It’s time to broaden your goals and ethics. It’s time to use your voice and skills to influence your clients to do the same. This one-of-a-kind keynote will inspire and motivate you to incorporate your voice into your business, discover what is essential to a business’ progression, yet also discover what you need to be happy both personally and professionally.

“Supercharge your Business with Speaking

When you understand that Speaking is one of the crucial keys to enroll more clients, make more money and have continuing profits, and unlimited clients in your pipeline, then you can thrive. It’s time for you to fully understand how to refine and use your speaking skills as a tool to get clients.

Key Takeaways

  • The one thing that will help you to overcome fear in Speaking.
  • The one thing that almost always bring you all the clients you want.
  • How to blast the hidden blocks that keeps you from knowing what to say.
  • That Speaking is not about scripts. It’s not about tactics. It’s not about hype. At the heart of every great speech is inspiration of your “why”


Katia is a certified coach with extraordinary skills. She and I have "shared the stage" together, where she demonstrated her skills as a speaker and discussion leader/facilitator. As an executive coach and a leadership team trainer myself, I rarely make recommendations like this without some reservations. In Katia's case I have no reservations recommending her. She is very insightful and a pleasure to work with.
Mike Beitler

Executive Coach & Leadership Team Trainer,
Senior Lecturer - UNC at Greensboro Bryan School of Business