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I spoke on the panel of Rockstar Connect today.

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I genuinely love this weekly virtual networking event.

Why? Well, I love and adore real networking with a purpose.
Steven David Elliot is great at moderating it, asking each of the panel members what was the success of the week. As Steven said “success is contagious” and he is right! His wife Sarah does a lot of the work behind the scenes. What a great team!

One of the questions today that was asked to me went deep for me…And my response made me want to write this post.
I was asked what do I think will be the new normal? I am not a fan of this word…
My answer was simple, and I saw my point of view coming out loud and clear on this one. For some of you that don’t know how I see the world, what is the way I look at everything and my point of view, well here it is: “I won’t apologize for winning, just because others are losing.”
You see, I work hard in all areas of my life, I go for exceptional in each of these areas! I don’t settle for good enough anymore!
So my answer was very simple:
Awareness first and Adapt second.
Let me explain:
COVID-19 just unwrapped all the problems and issues around fundamentals we have seen in our society …but the problems were really there way before COVID. COVID brought it to the surface!

Most families, couples’ finances were not on track, I mean, we are all adults and we all know we need to have at least six months to a year of “emergency fund,” but instead people justify their spending and spent, spent and spent some more. RESULT: Debts instead of Saving. People knew it was not healthy…yet they continue to shop instead of saving. Fundamentals finances that you have learned from advisors, from books, or from your great-grandma: “save for a rainy day”. Well COVID is a storm, not just a rainy day.
What COVID did, is showing the lack of fundamentals most people had in their financials, but it was already there, COVID did not do that. It unveiled the cracks. We are at week 10 of confinement and people losing their job. 10 weeks. We should have at least that in saving! It takes discipline.

Let’s look at relationships… most relationships were not on track, couples are getting by; they settle for: this is just the way it is, or I guess this is good enough, as good as it will get. Well, after 10 weeks of staying in and not having an escape, having to manage kids and no school, and the responsibility of households, couples were forced to see the cracks. What are the fundamentals of your couple showing after these weeks of confinement? You know you had problems way before COVID, you had band-aid relationships but did not deal with the core issues. What the virus did is expose it, and now you can’t escape the reality. You don’t want to settle for ok enough, instead reach for exceptional. COVID did not wreck your couple. It just unveiled the cracks.

During this pandemic, now is the perfect time for you to invest in yourself. We always say, “I don’t have time to do this and that..” – well, now you do! you have no excuses anymore.

Let’s talk about your business now,
You see, I love the positive effect that COVID will have on entrepreneurship! And that is: you can’t as a business be just good enough; you can’t get by, you have to have to be exceptional. Entrepreneurs will HAVE to step up and to deliver impeccable services, amazing products! This is a fantastic path and way for some of us who have extreme ethics, extreme core values, and who are all about giving to the clients the best possible delivery!
So yes, what COVID did, is bring awareness to you where you needed to improve. As simple as that.
Now it is your job to adapt and grow and become a leader in your field!

Use this time as an entrepreneur to educate yourself and get as much information as you can to be a better person.

I bet you love to dream big! But, how far are you willing to push yourself to fulfill your dreams on your own?

You need the drive, motivation, and accountability to help make your business dream a reality.

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