The Rhythmic Coaching For Married Couple: Accelerated Coaching While Learning Argentine Tango

Four Reasons To Attend Our Rhythmic Coaching Retreat

Even the best marriages can benefit from attending married couple retreats.  It’s a time to break away from the mundane, day-to-day activities and regain a sense of closeness. In fact, combining Argentine Tangowith couple’s coaching and a professional photography session is one of the most innovative ways to experience a renewed sense of unity.  Here’s why it can be good for you:

Master the mystery of connection:

The best Argentine Tango dancers master the mystery of connection, and having a connection with your spouse is good for a happy marriage. Applying the art of Argentine Tangowith a unique coaching experience can provide a platform for understanding how to be open with one another.

Renew your sense of focus:

Whether you have been married for a short time, or for a number of years, it’s not always easy to find time to focus on your marriage.  You’ll have plenty of time at this dynamic Rhythmic Coaching Retreat to focus on being a couple.  Not only will you experience the benefits of Argentine Tango, but you’ll also be given coaching and tools that you can use in your everyday lives.

Experience Growth:

What better way to grow together as a couple than to experience something new.  You’ll walk away with new tools to work on your marriage, an understanding of Argentine Tango,and time away from everyday distractions that sometimes get in the way of happiness.  Attending our Rhythmic Coaching Retreat is a once in a lifetime experience that can only help your marriage thrive.

Document a Memorable Event:

Making memories together as a married couple is important.  Documenting those memories with a professional photographysession with a photojournalist is priceless. Within six weeks after the retreat, you’ll receive 30 beautiful high-resolution images from a professional photography in a journalistic session.  These professional photos will serve as a powerful reminder of the great memories you made with your spouse during the retreat as well as an illustration of your commitment to one another.

Sound intriguing?  If you want to know more about this amazing retreat that includes one-on-one and couples coachingprivate tango lessonsprofessional photographyand much more, learn more.

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