The Top 5 Questions Entrepreneurs Ask Me

Over the years, I have gathered the top 5 questions that entrepreneurs always ask me at a conference or at a network event.  I would like to share them with you in case you might be asking yourself the same questions.  

1- How do I make sales? 

You make sales by understanding and knowing your clients’ needs and discovering what they want. Start by asking yourself, “What kind of problem does my customer or client have that I can help solve?” You need to provide value and establish yourself as having an in-depth understanding of the problems that your customers or clients are looking to solve.  Try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes: If you were the customer when we purchase your services or product, what would prevent you from achieving ultimate value?  

2. Where can I find clients? 

I tell clients that a better question to ask would be, “WHO is my ideal client?” Defining your target clients means identifying the specific needs or “pain points” and characteristics of the consumers or businesses who you believe will buy your product or service.  

Take the time to understand who your target market is by identifying: Why should people buy from you instead of your competitors? What sets you apart? and Who actually benefits the most from your service or product? By knowing your ideal customer’s goals and priorities, it will help you paint a picture of what life could be like after using your products and service.  

3- How do I grow my business?  

Knowing when to scale your company is priceless but also knowing when to stay consistent is a key component to growing.  Scaling your business can support healthy growth by improving revenue and efficiency. You will need to create realistic growth targets, develop plans and make concrete actions if you want to scale your business. It’s not going to be easy or a smooth process, but nothing that’s worth having ever was.   

On the other hand, there are many successful companies that waited to grow their business until they could do it profitable. Growth is when you add costs at the same rate you add revenue, so your bottom line then remains stagnant.  Do what you feel is the best choice for your business at the moment.  

4- Should you call a client or talk in person when making a sales call? 

This is such an interesting question and I find that it really doesn’t matter which approach you take. I personally prefer Zoom because I can see the emotion of the clients on the video call.  When doing a video call, you can get more insight into how the client is responding – body language and see if they are being engaged in the conversation – and you can adapt accordingly. 

I also believe that when it comes to effective sales calls there’s nothing like face time to make sure you are deepening your relationship with your clients.  Also, if you have an online business and have clients all over the world, a video conference call would be your best approach to take due to the convenience.    

5- How do you choose a good networking event? 

Knowing how to network is such an important part of your business. There is so much more to it than collecting business cards. When networking, people are much happier to engage with you when they see that you are genuinely interested and show that you care about the work they’re doing.  

When picking a professional networking event to attend you need to consider a few things such as: Choosing an event that benefits your business objectives, ask yourself what you need to learn, find out where the right people will be and find a conference or event that fits your personality and business goals. Don’t forget to bring your business cards and also to follow up with your new contacts after the networking event.  

If you are still having trouble trying to figure out the answers to certain questions that you need guidance on about your business, then you are in for a treat! I have a few COMPLIMENTARY Strategy Sessions available in my calendar for the FIRST 5 peoplethat set up an appointment with me (see below for the link). Please take this opportunity and schedule a session if you are feeling stuck in your business.

Let’s bring your business to life!

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