Vision and Goals is everything in business!

Visualize. Write it down. Implement.

Having a vision and a goal for each quarter is vital for our business…why? Because we need to make sure we have our numbers on hand. I have a board with my goals in my office, and I demand the same out of my clients. When we are clear on those it makes it easier to plan where we are going to be, and how to make the goal really happened. 

As a Business Coach, I find that the biggest reason most business goals fail is that although we set a goal, we fail to develop a strategy.  When creating a purposeful and sustainable business, we need to create a plan to help ensure we know how to achieve our quarterly goal. A quarterly goal is a perfect balance and allows you to take your big picture goals and break it down into quarterly action tasks.  

We need to make sure we have our numbers on hand at all times.  In my office, I have a board where I list my goals. I see it every day which makes me motivated to achieve them.  I demand the same out of my clients.  When you are clear on what you are working towards, your focus aligns with your objectives and distractions don’t derail your progress.

If you want to accomplish your goals, you HAVE to review them on a quarterly basis.  There’s no getting around that.  

Start off by writing out your goals, when you write them out it starts to become real.  We imprint it in our brain, and we start to develop ways to make the goal a reality. A great tip if you are stuck on what your goals should be is to set your vision statement in front of you.  Read it and try remembering what you were aiming for when you went through the process of creating your vision for your business.  From here, your imagination will flow into creating your business goals. 

Having a plan helps you make the right choices on a daily basis. Once you decide on what you hope to accomplish then you need to decide on the tasks you need to work on every day to get to your goal.  Make sure you dedicate yourself to these tasks.  You actually have to work on them and make a plan to succeed.  

Ask yourself, What things am I going to work on and complete each week to accomplish my quarterly goals? Set aside time each day to work on your goals. 

Sometimes working productively towards your goals can be really tough. I understand, it’s not easy to always have to convince yourself to be determined and to stay focused to accomplish all the things you want.  If you find yourself struggling to keep up with achieving your goals, then find an accountability partner. An accountability partner will help you to keep on track.  

When you are looking for an accountability partner, you need someone that is going to be truthful with you (Hello! I’d love to be your accountability partner and help your business grow!).  

At the end of the quarter, you can celebrate the goals that you accomplished. There are times when we complete our goals and move on to the next one without relishing in the AMAZING emotion of accomplishment.  Take some time out to celebrate your milestones because it will fuel your energy , motivation, and momentum to achieve anything else you put on your quarterly goals list. You deserve to treat yourself! 

Remember, part of running your own business is setting goals to help provide direction for your business.  You’ll always have more goals to reach. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t meet your quarterly goals.  Take it one step at a time and push yourself even harder the next quarter.  I’d love to hear about your experiences with setting goals and what drives you to accomplish them in the comments.  Crush your goals! You got this! Report this

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