“We never really arrive until we die.” From Guest Writer Dan Skognes

Guest writer, Dan Skognes, is a coach, a teacher, a motivational speaker and consultant.

Think about your life and all the places you have been and all the things you have accomplished. Have you ever truly arrived? I know you may have arrived at a place where you are comfortable, but are there not new people to meet, new places to go, new goals to achieve? That list is perpetual until we take our final breath.

My point here is that no matter how much money you have made, how much success you have achieved, or how famous you have become, you never truly arrive. It is just a part of the journey we call life and there is always another horizon.

Just because you are comfortable does not mean there is not more to do. I would encourage you to look at those around you and see what you can to do serve them. It is not hard to find people in need. They are everywhere. You can help with a smile, a word of encouragement, a simple act of kindness, etc.

If you have “arrived” in your mind, then you should have even more time and freedom to serve others. Volunteer at a local hospital or church. Go on a mission trip where all you do is serve others. It will change the way you look at life and at people…particularly if it is in a third-world country.

The world is incredibly small when you think about it. Imagine what would happen if any major country quit international trade. It would cause shock waves from which some countries would never fully recover. Of course, it would affect the country who quit trading as well, but depending on the country and their natural resources, they could possibly weather the storm where others could not.

We can do our part by touching the lives of those we encounter. When you see a need, don’t just be a spectator and expect that someone else will take care of it. If you have the resources, step up and fill the need. We can all afford to give a word of encouragement at the very least.


Dan Skognes



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