What I learned when I landed in the USA…..

It was my first time, when I came to the United States of America, on February 5th 1993, to practice speaking English, a language I barely knew. 

I was ashamed and felt so stupid to not be able to communicate with others, because even after 5 years of English in school, I still could not speak English.

There I was, in the plane that took me from Paris to Washington DC watching the Last of the Mohicans in English…when it hit me…: I was scared, nervous that I would not make it, not be able to survive in this new country…

Guess what happened?

As soon as I arrived, I definitely realized that with the little English I knew….well….I was not going to get anywhere. I could not understand anything people were saying. I was so disappointed in the fact that I will work with people I don’t understand! 

As a result, I decided to break myself from hanging out with familiarity and broke away from living around other French people. I took an apartment in Court House, VA, that I shared with another French girl that felt like me. We registered ourselves at night for English classes and got a TV that would have captions on. 

I was barely 20 years old…and now I realized what happened, how I could of prevented this communication and language barrier issue. I knew I was coming to the USA, for 18 month, at least 6 months prior to my arrival. 

First, I could of take classes in France…

Second, I could of hired a tutor at my arrival.

My big AHA moment here is in hindsight I should of been PREPARED. Since this experience I had vowed I would never put myself in this position again. 

And believe it or not, It is now a big part of my teaching as I help driven entrepreneurs who are serious about creating a 6 figures business, how to use speaking to generate leads, clients and cash flow…..So…what does being prepared looks like? 

First it is knowing where to pitch yourself way ahead of conferences. 

Second it is knowing when to pitch yourself. 

Third, it is knowing your numbers…what comes in and what goes out. Tracking Q1,Q2, Q3, Q4 and adjusting according to results of goals achieved or not.

Last but not least, it is having networking events lined up.

Let me ask you…how are you prepared in your business?

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