What keeps you awake at night?

Your finances? Your work? Your relationships? Your empty marriage? Your lifestyle?

These questions and thoughts keep you up at night:

How will I pay my bills? How will I find the right clients? How will I tell my boss I did not hit my quarterly numbers?

-I want to open my own business but I don’t know how.

-I want to go back to school, but how will I do this with a family to take care of financially and emotionally?

-I want more flexibility in my schedule, I want to set my own hours, I want to work from exotic places. I want to travel more. This is not what I signed up for.

– I am so overwhelmed. There is not enough time in the day!

-I can’t believe instead of working, I binged watch Youtube videos or Netflix show…

-I don’t want to go home, she will be mad at me anyway. I am in an empty marriage. We fight about the same things anyway.

-I don’t have enough time to focus on what is important

-I think he is having an affair. Well I would not blame him, look at me. I want to lose weight, where will I fit the time to do this?

-I can’t keep a budget, my credit score is getting worse, I have so many credit cards debt, I can’t afford the minimum payment.

-I can’t get engage, I am not ready, I don’t have the money to buy her a ring, and I don’t feel like I can provide for her.

-I don’t have any sense of time management for myself. I am scattered, I have to volunteer, I need to serve at church, I have PTA responsibilities, I can’t handle all of it.

All these issues are related. How? Core Values….

What is a core value you ask? It is your fundamental beliefs. We can together take the journey to identify yours, and put them to work for you, to advance your life, to make your relationships at home better, to grow in your job, to start your journey.

I want you to be happy no matter what…easy to say right? Well did you know that we have some limiting beliefs that suppress our happiness, our growth? Unintentionally at times we create crisis, that way we are on hold and we can use it as an excuse to not grow. Yes, we self-sabotage ourselves. These are things we believe from our baggages, our past experiences, or things that were passed on by our parents. We also have ego, our identity that comes into place.We have patterns that are hard to let go, triggers that create a negative emotional response. I want to help to turn the triggers that create negative response, into positive emotional response.

I am excited to announce that I finally launch my band new program, this morning. At the same time, I am sorry to announce that I have only 13 spots in my brand new ” The Power of Core Value”.

Whatever your dreams and goals are, I can help you. Private message me to let me know you want to grow and I will be delighted to guide you on your path a new you!

I am so excited at the idea that you want to change your life for the better.

With love,

Katia Ravé

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