When I look back on my journey…

What a gorgeous Saturday morning in the Carolinas! I love it here in the South…

Time of reflection this morning, gratitude…

When I look back on my journey to today, I still can’t believe that live in the USA, I have a gorgeous home, I am engaged to an amazing man who shares the joy, fun, and experience of entrepreneurship, I am a very successful business coach, I adore the clients I work with and I am on stage speaking internationally to educate, connect and give value to other entrepreneurs! 


If I had given up, I’d probably still be hiding and thinking what is wrong with me for not taking every clients that comes my way! 

You see authenticity and high standards have always been a huge part of me. I will make a post about that entire subject soon….

So while there are times where I question MY SANITY, and what I had to give up to keep such a high standards, I can’t imagine it any other way…..

You see this week was a week where I did question my sanity: I chose not to work with 2 prospects because we did not share the same ethics, the same values.

And yet I had 2 prospects that I could not wait to work with…one choose not to work me and the second one did. I get so excited about helping people in their business that I was sad about the one that choose not to….

And this is the reality of entrepreneurship.

For me, I knew I could never work with the 2 clients that wanted to work with me because it did not align with my values….

Think of this as your little reminder of the week-end: – Don’t ever compromise who you are, stay authentic first, the rest will follow. Authenticity is everything!

In your business, did you ever walk away from working with prospects? 

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