When Obstacles Can Shift into Gratitude

Do you ever have an obstacle or an unexpected situation happen to you? Does life ever seem to unfold in a negative light when it could have not come at a more inconvenient time? How do you handle it? And more importantly, do you have the tools to deal with them?

I want to share with you a personal experience that unfolded for me just this past weekend. Maybe you can relate to something like this being presented in your life whether it be the past or even happening in the present. I was so grateful to have the knowledge to be able to cope and observe, instead of reacting when I was presented with such.

I am always fascinated how people can come together in a time of crisis. I was in Los Angeles for a tango performance, and teaching as a tango maestra this weekend. This was truly a dream come true and one of my top goals in life becoming reality…

As the news broke out of hurricane Florence making its way to North Carolina, I realized that not only would I be unable to make it home, but even if I did, I would not be able to fly out of North Carolina to make it to Las Vegas for work. This weekend in Vegas was a weekend I have been preparing for months. The plan was to attend and participate in a workshop mastermind collective with 13 other women and deliver a talk (you will soon be able to see my talk on Core Values). However, I found myself stuck in San Diego due to the hurricane.

With extensive practice and training, as well as coaching my clients in times like these, I chose to enjoy the present moment that I was in. It was hard nonetheless. I found myself feeling conflicted, since I was  enjoying the gorgeous weather and the beautiful welcoming home that was opened to me by a new friend. I rented a car to drive from Los Angeles to Carlsbad Southern California and here I was in a place I had never been that I found so beautiful. Gorgeous weather, and yet I was finding it hard to embrace the moment when I knew I was supposed to be flying home to be with my kids, triggering more and more guilt.

I stopped In a coffee shop, to study and prepare for my speech. Across from me I could see the ocean, and indulged in an incredible cappuccino, overwhelmed with gratitude. It is surreal how a situation can be turned around. How can a “bad” circumstance turn out to be great? In my personal experience with this situation, I handled it by connecting and surrounding myself with the best people I manifested around me 😉 And appreciating such lush and beautiful nature that was right at my feet. I was in awe …

I was rehearsing my talk on Core Values in front of a beautiful pond with lily pads and palm trees and decided to consciously shift my focus to gratitude. To stop, meditate and enjoy the moment that was given to me. Whether I felt like I deserved it or not, it was there. I got to enjoy that moment.

I flew to Vegas the next day to be with a group of amazing women.

I am interested to know, how do you handle hard situations that life throws your way? What are some of the strategies you have in place to be ready and smile no matter what? Better yet, do you have these strategies or the openness to shift in times that can be presented unexpectedly? How do you see yourself handling life’s next situation? Are you ready to make a shift on how to approach an “inconvenient” circumstance and make it a great one? In 6 months from now do you want to be the master of your life or continue to react to what life has thrown at you? What are your dreams? Your visions? Your goals? Do you believe in yourself to take get there with love and support? If any of these questions resonate with you, please email me— katia@katiarave.com. I look forward to connecting with you!

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