Who said Spring/Summer break was only meant for your children?

Summer Break is around the corner and if you have children you may be wondering how can you find the time to enjoy it with them? Are you stuck in a job where you keep wondering what life would be like if you did not have to miss another soccer game or dance recital? Are you frustrated when dropping your kids off at daycare or at camp during your kids Spring Break because you wish you had the time to enjoy them? 

We all know that working a 9-5 job can limit our time with being able to spend time with family.  

This is where having your own successful business comes into play. Having your own business being successful is the key to making more valuable time with your loved ones, especially your children.   

Due to the success I have in my business, I am able to have the flexibility to spend quality time with my children and watch them grow up.  Quality time and experiencing life as a family are the priceless moments that are some of my top priorities.  What are some of your top priorities when it comes to your children and family life?  Wouldn’t you enjoy the freedom to work any time you wanted and to take off from work whenever you felt the need to? 

Here are just a few things that I want to share with you that I enjoyed with my teenagers during “OUR” Spring Break: 

  1. We had fun riding with the top down in my car while listening to loud music
  2. We went kayaking for 5 hours with no phones.  Had a wonderful picnic and enjoyed the water and the sun. 
  3. We went window shopping and tried on many dresses
  4. We cooked in our outdoor kitchen
  5. We went to the library
  6. We went to an ice cream shop in the country

Imagine all the fun and heartwarming memories that will consume you when you build a successful business and having the ability to focus on your children whenever and wherever. You will never have to deal with clocking in and out of work, putting in a vacation request a month in advance just so you can spend time with your kids during their Spring Break, coming back from vacation and seeing a ton of work piled up on your desk – the list can go on.  You get the idea –  life is meant to be shared with your loved ones, it’s what makes life so special. 

If you do not own your own business, then take this moment to visualize what type of business you would be passionate about to succeed in.

See how that makes you feel – it makes you feel like you can do anything right? Right! Because you can!

Let’s take your business idea and make it happen, not only for yourself, but for your children and family.  I am offering a COMPLIMENTARTY Business Strategy Session  to 5 people who want to take action on their business venture. I will guide you on how to make your business a success so you can enjoy the freedom of living your life to the fullest with your family. I look forward to hearing from you!     

Here is the link to book your Complimentary Business Strategy Session: 


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