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Welcome to my world: Where your business dreams become a reality.

Inspire your path and your pursuit to a greater business. Step into the future, visualise where you see your business in the next six months or six years. Only by learning from the past and anticipating the future can you work on your business where it is at this very moment. 

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Katia Ravé

Katia Ravé guides driven entrepreneurs to build a serious six-figure business fast with speaking. Her clients use her proven methods to get booked on stages worldwide, and develop an endless stream of leads, clients and cash.

As the CEO of Ravé Strategy Studio and the creator of the “Get Leads, Clients and Cash Speaking Success System”, she guides her clients to stop the income roller coaster and sharpen their client acquisition and conversion skills to boost their bottom line.

Katia speaks around the country, including appearances at Business Summit in NYC, Unstoppable Women in Business, Spotlight Mastertreat. Her live appearances inspire small business owners to make money and achieve their dreams.

Are you ready to make your business dreams a reality?

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs to enroll more clients, have prosperity and freedom, magnifying their speaking and understanding sales.

Bring the biggest business challenge you are facing right now, talk it through with Katia and she will share her insider tips and tricks to see you soaring over every obstacle.

is your business

Through my workshops, retreats, and materials we encourage and empower our clients to remain true to themselves and their business – to strive for their goals while not losing sight of who they are and the core values make their business unique and valued.

Find out for yourself how Katia can transform your business? Book a free strategy session.

Anne - Workshop Attendee

"Katia, I loved meeting you and I am so grateful that you came to speak to us. My friend and I started calling you the knowledge ninja because you can quickly pull out tricks to help with whatever we were dealing with. I have added meditation to my morning quiet time. Yesterday I took 2 meditation breaks during the day when I started to feel anxious and it was life changing!! I'm excited to grow deeper in this and see how it helps me. I hope our paths cross again and thank you for taking the time to grow and empower me. You are a treasure!!”

Pam Dibbs – Leadership Speaker and Coach

"Whether speaking or facilitating Katia combines her passion and expertise to not just help people identify their core values but to experience the power of living life on purpose through the clarity of our core values. I wouldn’t hesitate to book Katia."

Jasmine Mavoungou - Business coach and consultant

"I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Katia at the Empower Your Empire Workshop hosted by CravLife Consulting. As a coach and consultant, I thoroughly enjoyed Katia’s Core Values workshop. Her content and exercise deeply resonated with me personally and professionally. I re-evaluated the way I looked at my business and personal experiences and began to reap the benefits of a more effective way of working and setting even more boundaries to protect my most valuable asset - time. If you have the opportunity to work with Katia you’re in for a real treat! "

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Business Growth Explosion

What if you could spend a whole day focusing on you, just you, your business, the message to your clients and your vision? What if in one day you could reevaluate your company’s visions and goals, strengthen them and move forward positively and firmly in the direction you know you deserve to be going?
I’m offering you the solution. You are my passion and I will do everything in my power to make you succeed.

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